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We offer classes at Faith Fellowship on an ongoing basis. Here are some of the education departments we have here:


Water Baptism • Children's Salvation • Faith Bible Institute • 
Foundations • Bible Studies


Foundations is a 6-week course, free of charge for new believers or older saints, come learn about or get a refresher on the foundations of CHRISTIANITY.



Shea Gregory


Water Baptism (Adults Class & Children's Class)

Water baptism literally means to be immersed in water. It is a physical act of conscious obedience by which a person identifies himself or herself with Jesus death, burial and resurrection; symbolizes the death of his or her old self and resurrection to a new life in Christ and publicly declares his or her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If you have received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and fulfill this commandment God will richly bless you abundantly! For any questions & water baptism preparation please contact Carol Marino on ext 118.



Carol Marino


Phone: 510-357-5723 Ext: 117

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