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About Us

The Koinonia Praise Dance Ministry was formed several years ago by a small group of Christian women during an annual Women's Retreat at Faith Fellowship. The founding members shared a vision to minister to God's people and to draw others to Christ through dance and movement.  Much like God's Kingdom, we are a diverse group with varying ethnicities, ages and spiritual journeys. Each member plays a special part, and we work together to maintain a unified ministry, while operating under a joint set of values.


We are often asked what the name Koinonia means.  By definition, Koinonia means communion by intimate participation which is agreement with one another, being united in purpose, and serving alongside each other.


Our Mission

To teach and promote praise dancing as an acceptable act of worship in the church, as referenced in Psalm 149:3:  "Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp."  Additionally, we seek to dance for God and to allow God to dance through us as a means of encouraging, building up, and leading His people in worship.


When the Lord has blessed you with feet to dance, leap and twirl with all your might. When your arms can express what is deep inside, let your heart reach out and shine. For God will use you, to express His love. There are people who need to see. Let Him use you to speak from your heart, through the dance. Such a gift God has made you to be.


Our Calling

To glorify God using His gift of dance; while incorporating prayer, worship, and Bible study. To minister to God's people, usher in a spirit of worship, intercede and break chains using choreographed and Spirit-led movement and fellowship with other Christians and support one another in love.  

What We Do

Choreographed Worship

  • Seek to Worship the Lord with excellence through skillful choreographed dance.

  • Minister to the congregation while providing a visual message of God’s love, the gift of salvation, hope, encouragement and praise unto the Lord.

  • Use the gift of dance and the Holy Spirit to present purposeful dance movements from the heart; while using appropriate bodily and facial expressions that send a clear message.  

  • Seek and utilize God’s spiritual gifts to dance with power, and to speak to the hearts of others in an effort to create thoughtful reflection of our Lord and our lives.   

Spontaneous Worship (includes: Worship Prior to Rehearsal, Platform Ministry & Special Presentations)

  • Freely worship the Lord under His anointing through spontaneous individual dance. 

  • Uplift, touch hearts and minister to the congregation through movement. 

  • Become an active part of the overall Praise Team by working alongside the Tribe, Musicians and Choir to initiate and encourage a spirit of worship and praise within the congregation.

  • Interpret songs of praise and worship under the leading of the Holy Spirit through heart-felt movement, appropriate facial expression and body language.

  • Seek and utilize God’s spiritual gifting to dance as an act of warfare, intercession, and whenever possible prophetically in order to break chains of oppression.

Bible Study  

A Bible study book will be chosen to read and review as a group. Each week a portion of the book will be selected. Each member is responsible for reading the selection and answering the related questions.  Everyone will share their responses at the following Thursday’s rehearsal.


Member Requirements

Pray, ask and seek the Lord in order to determine that He has called you to this dance ministry.

Evaluate your current responsibilities to determine whether or not you can fully commit to the ministry at this time. 

Commit your time and efforts to ensure the continued success and growth of the ministry.

Participate in a 6 week period of dedication: Upon joining the ministry each member will commit to a period of dedication. During this time of dedication it is important that you pray over your calling in the ministry. You will be responsible for attending all rehearsals and ministry events; however you must wait for a period of 6 weeks before ministering publicly.

Actively pursue the Lord and grow spiritually through regular Bible study and prayer; as well as periodic fasting both individually and as a group. 

Be transparent and accountable to fellow members by participating in regularly scheduled discussions of spiritual books and discussions that pertain to the ministry. 

Attend weekly rehearsals which are mandatory, practice on your own time, arrive on time, and arrive prepared for dances and other requirements.  

Grow and enhance your dance abilities through regular participation in internal and external dance workshops, trainings and conferences.



Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 9:00pm in the NextGen Building


Ella Reed,

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