- 2 TIMOTHY 2:15

The Token Charismatic

Tongues & Gifts of the Holy Spirit, are they for todays church? In his latest book, The Token Charismatic, Pastor Gary Mortara gives a clear understanding on God's intended purpose for tongues & and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the 21st century church.

Cost: $20.00

Ask the Pastor

This book is a compilation of some of the more frequently asked questions and a few you would not expect to hear at church! Pastor Gary's responses, presented in his informal and down-to-earth style, will inform and encourage both believers and seekers who truly want to take their walk with God to the next level.

Cost: $12.00

Be A Man

Pastor Gary Mortara targets six principles to growing as a man of God. This book will help both men and women see the high calling of manhood.

Cost: $15

Beauty of a Woman.jpg

The Beauty of a Woman

Pastor Gary Mortara's book entitled Beauty of a Woman shares some deep truths concerning Christian women living in a non-Christian world. He covers some hard to tackle topics such as men and their sex drives, what women are looking for in a relationship, the difficulties of blended families and for the single women, what to look for and what to look out for in men. This is surly a book you will want to give to all the women in your life and is an excellent source for Bible studies and women's ministries.

Cost: $15.00

God & Golf

Pastor Gary has been playing competitive professional golf for over 30 years. He takes you on a short journey about God and Golf, sharing stories and truth for golfers of every level. An enjoyable read indeed.

Cost: $8.00

Let's Get the Gay Thing Straight

Pastor Gary sheds light on what Jesus' viewpoint is concerning living the gay lifestyle. He presents Biblical truth in a loving, honest, and forthright way which will have both camps understanding better the heart of God as revealed in His word. A must read for both Christians and those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual.

Cost: $12.00

paul cover.jpg

A Man Named Paul

Pastor Gary presents his seventh book A MAN NAMED PAUL. In this work, he imparts 30 years of knowledge concerning the man who wrote half of the New Testament, the great apostle Paul. This is about Paul's birth, childhood, background, upbringing, culture, Jewish heritage, hatred of Christ and his followers, his conversion, trials, theology, friends and enemies. He ties together Paul's thinking and the Holy Spirit's training into a masterful work which will help all who love the Word to fully understand the mind and heart of God as only Paul could do.

Cost: $19.99