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About Us

Nehemiah (Boys ages 6-13)


Nehemiah is a dance ministry for boys ages 6 - 14. If there are any teenage boys who are 15 to 17 years old and are interested, they are welcome. This ministry is designed for young males to express themselves through contemporary dance. Praise dance, hip-hop, and b-boy freestyle are the main forms of expression. The music is "Christian hip-hop" or anything with an up-tempo beat. My personal main objective is to teach life skills and to stir up the WARRIOR SPIRIT in these young boys. Expressing praise and worship through dance and developing strength with integrity is the main focus. As the boys become men, standing strong and being able to endure life's battles is crucial in today's times. I hope to instill something in them that will prepare them in JESUS name.


Rehearsal Times
Every other Friday at 6pm



Elijah No, 510-943-9664,


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