Celebrating Excellence Since 1971!

Northern California Bible College was founded in 1971 as an effort to blend the truth of the word of God with the freedom of the Holy Spirit. The intent over the years has been to preserve the biblical balance of these two elements. We have attempted to continue that heritage, while enlarging our focus to help men and women prepare themselves to minister in their particular calling. 

NCBC is a nondenominational Bible College catering to students from all evangelical backgrounds. Most instructors are from a charismatic background who believe in the present existence of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 


Our mission is to offer undergraduate biblical education to students determined to fulfill their unique purpose. 


That purpose could include any combination of... the following primary objectives:

• To assist the local church in training disciples to rightly divide the truths of the Bible.

• To provide a strong grasp of the content of the Bible, interpreted in a sound, scholarly and spiritual manner.

• To better understand the truths of the Bible for personal enrichment.

• To finish either an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.

• To prepare for a future professional calling in either part or full time ministry.


• To receive A.C.S.I. certification to teach in a Christian school

Next Course:

Pastoral Ministry

Pastor Gary Mortara

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Faith Fellowship

577 Manor Blvd., San Leandro

Main Sanctuary

Begins January 7th


Course Description:

We invite you to join us on Tuesday nights as Pastor Gary will teach on three of his favorite books—1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.  This course is all about raising up those who have pastoral calls upon their heart, whether for full-time ministry, or in a lay-ministry capacity in their local church.


This quarter the price for auditors has been lowered to $100 which includes textbook, application fee, and technology fee.  Auditors take the course for their own personal enrichment.  Students can also take the course for Certificate or full-college credit toward either an accredited A.A. or B.A. degree in Biblical Studies.

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$489 (Plus Fees):  Total cost for a 3-unit course for full college credit

$324 (plus fees):  Cost of a 3-unit course at the Certificate level.  Student does all coursework, but no college credit is given.

$100:  Audit:  student attends for their own personal enrichment; no coursework is required and no college credit is given.


Above prices apply for either “live,” “distance,” or “online” classes.

Students taking distance or online classes must prepay tuition and textbooks before receiving course materials.

Students taking live classes have the duration of the quarter to pay their tuition and fees.

All textbooks must be paid in full before taking them home.


Additional Fees:

$50: One-time registration to enter the college.

Textbooks are in addition to tuition; All books are $25.00.

$20 Payment Plan 

$30 Technology Fee (Credit and Certificate Students)


For additional questions on class info, please email Debbie Sells at or Malinda Kimble at

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